Francesc-Marc Álvaro | Lectures and Talks
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These are some of the lectures and talks recently delivered by Francesc-Marc Álvaro. If you are interested in these topics or if you wish to suggest other issues of your interest for a speech, please let us know through the  Contact  section on this website.

Catalonia v. Spain: The Tie-breaker 

A clear overview of the extremely delicate current relations between Catalonia and the Spanish powers. The context for this is one of European crisis and transformation of sovereignties which is disconcerting for all and it comes at a time when the Catalanist world faces the great challenge of reaching out to those sectors of the Catalan society which still live with their back turned to the national reality.


Collective Memory: Past v. Present 

An in-depth reflection on the importance of collective memory in the management of our present and in the development of our individual and national identities. Instead of calling for the so-called historical memory, often turned into sheer propaganda, we need to understand the complexity of the facts which preceded us and the special relationship we establish with what we remember and what we forget.


Journalism: The Ten Commandments of the Age of Twitter 

The world of communication and, especially, of journalism is going through fascinating times where the old and the new overlap, causing confusion amongst professionals, industry businessmen and the public alike. Our democracies are based on the non-stop media representation of politics and life, where values such as freedom, responsibility, involvement, privacy or truth are under siege from various fronts.