Francesc-Marc Álvaro | Entre la mentida i l’oblit. El laberint de la memòria col·lectiva
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20 Jan 2012 Entre la mentida i l’oblit. El laberint de la memòria col·lectiva


Every memory is a subtle, highly fragile, complex result of what we remember and what we do not and is influenced by our traumas as well as by lies, distortion and propaganda. We are memory or we are nothing. This book presents several cases connected with the collective memory of the world, Europe, Spain and Catalonia and which have an impact today by bringing pain, controversy and the bittersweet taste of shadows and erased names to the present. The book explores these cases by combining examples taken from politics, literature, cinema, the arts and everyday life in such diverse settings as Buenos Aires, Berlin, New York, Paris, Mauthausen, Warsaw, the trenches of the Battle of the Ebro, Madrid and Barcelona. The theme which runs through this journey is the following question: What is the significance of our recent past within a present which idolises the ephemeral?